Rent Yacht in Dubai

It’s time to open champagne with Pugachev’s yachts! We have the yachts at the best prices guaranteed!

Discover the luxury of Dubai from the heart of the sea

So.. why renting a yacht in Dubai?


Unrivaled luxury!

Live an exclusive experience on the stunning waters of Dubai with a private yacht, offering endless abundance and indulgence.


Breathtaking views

Cruise along the stunning coastline of Dubai, witnessing iconic places and stunning sunsets that provide unforgettable moments.

יאכטה דובאי

Customize your journey to perfection

Whether it's a romantic evening, a lively party or a family trip, to guarantee yourself a unique and personalized adventure.


Run away from the moment

Does the noise of the city bother you? Connect to the silence of the sea, listen to the waves, up close, on your yacht.


Celebrate in style

Upload special events to your story, have you already thought about how you will propose in Dubai? We have an idea - on a yacht!

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AED 20000/ 4 שעות

AED 38500/ 8 שעות

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AED 3600/ 4 שעות

AED 7000/ 8 שעות

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