Frequently Asked Questions

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The process of renting a car in Dubai

Passport, valid driver’s license and credit card

You can drive as a non-resident, as long as you have an international driving license.

Up to 15 minutes, everything is easy and convenient with us.

Fees and payments

Cash, credit cards, crypto and anything related to payments in the United Arab Emirates

All the charges are indicated on the website, of course if you want to add treats like a private driver, it will be an additional charge

Insurance and safety

Yes, all our vehicles in Dubai are guaranteed.

In the event of an accident, contact us immediately and we will guide you on how to act according to the guidelines of the United Emirates.

Yes, it’s just important to coordinate everything in advance.

The driving experience in Dubai

Dubai is a modern city, so it is important to take into account that the driving culture can be different from the country and most importantly you should know that all of Dubai is covered in speed cameras. 

in the marina area, and in the downtown area after 4:00 p.m

It is absolutely forbidden to take the vehicle outside of Dubai, without permission from the company.

Regulations and rules for anyone traveling in Dubai

Depends on the type of vehicle, for this you need to inquire about the selected vehicle with the company.

Within 24 hours if we do not get back to you after ordering, call us and you will immediately receive the full answers.

Cancellation of the reservation with our service up to 48 hours before the rental date.

Tips for renting a car in Dubai

Understanding Local Laws: Go over Dubai’s traffic regulations, especially speed limits and parking laws. Remember, seat belts are mandatory, and using the cell phone without a hands-free is prohibited.

Insurance and deposit: Make sure that the rental of the luxury vehicle includes comprehensive insurance. Make sure you can pay a substantial deposit, which is standard for vehicles of this type.

Inspect the vehicle: Before you go out in it, carefully inspect the vehicle for any damage or scratches and document them with the rental company to avoid problems when returning it.

Drive carefully: Although the roads in Dubai are well maintained, the driving styles can be aggressive compared to what you are used to. Use GPS for guidance, but stay focused and drive carefully.

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