Who we are?

Pugachev - an international car rental company

We believe that a car is not just a means of transportation, it is much more than that. Pugachev’s exotic car rental is intended for those who want to feel a little above everyone else. The combination of luxury models and exceptional service is exactly what we offer.

BTW – for over 10 years!

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Our vision

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service and a once in a lifetime experience, one they will remember for years.

Pugachev Luxury Car Rental has been a family owned business for over 10 years.

We are happy to give our consumers an exclusive opportunity to become a driver of an exotic sports car or a luxury SUV while on vacation or during a business trip in Dubai.

We can guarantee you pleasure and excitement, with our variety of vehicles. After all, we know how important a first impression is – that’s exactly why our luxury and sports cars are just one call away.

Shall we talk?



Hey! We are Pugachev

Why is it worth choosing us?
First of all, we are the best car company in the world, we are the biggest there is.
We have a crazy fleet of vehicles, with a variety of options, sports cars, luxury, jeeps and more.

At Pugachev we offer you a variety of additional services according to the customer’s request, a private driver, transfer from the airport, and if you want – we will bring the car right to the door of the hotel, VIP service!

Information and information about all of Dubai, route planning, recommendations and all the most worthwhile entertainment places.

You can trust us – we will take care of you.

So who are you waiting for? Let’s go!      

With us you can rent quality yachts, the sea of ​​Dubai is big and there are many things to see, there is nothing like opening a bottle of beer or a glass of wine in a quality Pugachev yacht!

Let’s not talk about champagne with the company!

Hotels, buildings, malls, wow, what madness in Dubai! And how fun it is for you to be able to watch all these amazing views from the window of Pugachev’s luxury car.

The Burj Khalifa is waiting for you! Which car would you like to park next to it? Ferrari? Lamborghini? Or even some huge jeep. What does it matter? The main thing is that you have a Pugachev car!

The weather in Dubai is very hot, so open the sunroof of your car, enjoy the view and don’t stop smiling because you have a Pugachev car.



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