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AED 4600/ day

AED 11550/ 3 days

AED 19250/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 3200/ day

AED 9300/ 3 days

AED 15500/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 3400/ day

AED 9900/ 3 days

AED 16500/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 4000/ day

AED 12000/ 3 days

AED 20000/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 4200/ day

AED 12000/ 3 days

AED 20000/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 2000/ day

AED 5700/ 3 days

AED 9500/ 5 days

Luxury/Sports car in Dubai


AED 3300/ day

AED 9600/ 3 days

AED 16000/ 5 days


AED 500/ day

AED 1350/ 3 days

AED 2250/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 1700/ day

AED 4800/ 3 days

AED 8000/ 5 days


AED 750/ day

AED 2100/ 3 days

AED 3500/ 5 days


AED 2800/ day

AED 7950/ 3 days

AED 13250/ 5 days

Best Seller


AED 1800/ day

AED 5100/ 3 days

AED 8500/ 5 days

SUV Rental in Dubai


AED 750/ day

AED 1950/ 3 days

AED 3250/ 5 days


AED 450/ day

AED 1290/ 3 days

AED 2150/ 5 days


AED 800/ day

AED 2250/ 3 days

AED 3750/ 5 days


AED 900/ day

AED 2550/ 3 days

AED 4250/ 5 days


AED 750/ day

AED 2100/ 3 days

AED 3500/ 5 days


AED 2000/ day

AED 5500/ 3 days

AED 9250/ 5 days





Why us?

We are not like any car rental company – we are bigger!

At Pugachev we offer a variety of additional services according to your customer’s request (private driver, transfer from the airport and if you want – we will also bring the car right to the door of the hotel)

Help with all questions including navigation in the resort city of Dubai, recommendations and all the most worthwhile entertainment places.

There is someone to trust – we will reveal all the secrets to you.

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Frequently asked Questions

You can also simply write to us, we promise to answer very quickly

Frequest Questions

The car rental procedure is a very simple procedure, all you need is to contact us and one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible for advice, choosing the right car for you and booking the car for the dates you want.

  • You can send us a message on WhatsApp – clicking here .
  • You can call us at: 054-969-7679
  •  You can leave details on the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible with the most affordable offer.


We are available for any question at all hours of the day and will be happy to help!

The car rental procedure is a very simple procedure, all you need is to contact us and one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible for advice, choosing the right car for you and booking the car for the dates you want.

  • A huge variety of vehicles of all types.
  • We meet all the strictest safety standards and regulations.
  • A wide variety of insurance policies that you can always drive with peace of mind.
  • Thousands of satisfied customers over the years.
  • 24/7 service and availability of the representatives for you.
  • We know how to match you with the perfect car in your price range, whether you are looking for a family car, a luxury car, a sports car, etc…

Renting a car in Dubai has a wide range of advantages that make your vacation perfect and much more comfortable.

  • An unforgettable experience to drive a luxury/sports car for a few days.
  • You don’t depend on anyone because you have your own car for the entire vacation.
  • A huge saving of time and money for taxis and all the inconvenience for those who do not have a car attached.
  • Dubai is very convenient for car owners with many parking spaces and places that are close to each other.

Questions and answers about investing in cars with us

Investing in a luxury car in Dubai offers a unique opportunity to increase your capital. Tourism in Dubai is developing and growing, the luxury vehicles are always in high demand. We will make sure that you benefit from this demand.

We obtain luxury vehicles for you at auctions in the USA and bring them to Dubai for investment. We choose vehicles that have a high improvement potential and then invest in upgrading them.

The improvement process includes consultation and inspection of the vehicle, renovation down to the smallest and largest details, painting the vehicle in the best possible way, maintenance and inspection of the vehicle in our garages. Our goal is to bring the vehicle to the best condition and upgrade it. 



The improvement process is between two and three years, after this process, the vehicle will continue to work and drive, every kilometer that the vehicle travels on the streets of Dubai – you earn for it. And when you arrive in Dubai – your car. Forget the taxis.


You are welcome to send us a message on WhatsApp, call and of course visit our website. We upload a lot of content to our social media. Come, even Brad Pitt with us.

The types of vehicles that can be rented in Dubai

Choosing the right rental car can upgrade your visit or vacation in Dubai. On the tip of the fork, you can focus on the differences between sports, luxury, cabriolet, coupe, super-luxury, jeeps and off-road, electric, family, standard, classic, minivan, Razor or business models – but of course there are other considerations

Dubai – a good place to rent a car

Dubai, a city that exudes modernity and luxury, presents an abundance of car rental options that meet the diverse needs of visitors and residents alike. The car rental market here is very established, with several major players and a wide variety of vehicles available for rent.

Among the vehicles available, cars are the most popular choice. You can easily find a variety of cars ranging from economical options like Toyota Yaris or Honda Civic, to luxury vehicles like Mercedes Benz, BMW, or even exotic supercars like Lamborghini and Ferrari. These cars can be rented from various sales points scattered around the city or from the airport upon arrival. The rental process is quite simple, although you must make sure you have a valid driver’s license accepted in the UAE.

What are the advantages of renting a car in Dubai? 

The advantages are mainly availability and variety. For those looking to explore the desert landscapes surrounding Dubai, renting an SUV may be a better option. Vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser or Nissan Patrol are popular choices for such purposes. These vehicles offer the necessary rigidity and the high ground clearance required to navigate the sandy areas. In addition, they provide a comfortable ride and are equipped with modern amenities to ensure a pleasant experience.

For larger groups or families, renting a van or minibus is a great option. Different models and sizes are available to accommodate different group sizes. Such large vehicles offer ample space for passengers and luggage, making them a practical choice for group trips or airport transfers.

For the environmentally conscious, electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids are also available for rent in Dubai. With the growing network of charging stations in the city, renting an electric car like a Tesla or a hybrid has become a more realistic and environmentally friendly choice.

Car rental in Dubai by categories

Each car is suitable for different preferences and purposes. If we divide by categories, we see several main types in the field of car rental in Dubai:

  • Sports cars are suitable for those looking for an exciting driving experience, where the prices are dictated by the model, the rental period and the season.
  • The luxury vehicle category is intended for those who wish to cross the city in style and luxury, without compromising on performance. Luxury vehicles are suitable for people who have a love for luxury brands and are looking for maximum comfort. 
  • Cabriolet models with retractable roofs offer an open-air driving experience. They are perfect for couples or small families. 
  • Coupe vehicles will perfectly serve the need to take pictures in Dubai and upload to social networks. Undoubtedly, they guarantee an out-of-the-ordinary driving experience that we are usually not exposed to.
  • Super Lacshari vehicles represent wealth and are suited for those who enjoy an extravagant lifestyle. They are suitable for business elites and extremely picky people. Here, too, the pricing reflects the brand’s prestige, model and rental period.
  • Jeeps and SUVs are a great means of experiencing exciting challenges in the desert landscapes surrounding Dubai. They are ideal for individuals or groups looking for outdoor experiences. The rental cost is determined by the model, the brand, and sometimes, the additional equipment required for the area.
  • Electric vehicles are the answer to sustainability and are perfect for environmentally conscious visitors. They also offer a quiet and smooth driving experience. The pricing is affected by the model, the brand and the availability of the charging infrastructure.
  • Family vehicles give priority to space, comfort and safety, which makes them suitable for families or groups traveling together. Their rental price is determined by the model, the number of seats and the duration of the rental.
  • Standard vehicles are the recommended choice for practical and economical transportation. They are suitable for anyone who needs a reliable means of transportation and nothing else. Pricing is usually determined by model, brand and rental duration.
  • Classic cars offer a nostalgic journey back in time and are ideal for people with a vintage bent. The price is often a reflection of the vehicle’s age, rarity and condition.
  • Minivans offer plenty of space for larger groups, making them a practical choice for group trips or airport transfers. The cost is usually determined by the model, the number of seats and the duration of the rental.
  • The Razor (RZR) is a type of off-road vehicle that guarantees an exciting driving experience in the dunes. Such a vehicle is suitable for adventure enthusiasts. The rental price is affected by the model, rental duration and any additional equipment provided.
  • Finally, business vehicles are tailored to the needs of business people. They offer a combination of comfort, space and reliability. They are ideal for business trips or transporting customers, where the rental cost is determined by the model, brand and duration of the rental.

In the end, you should also check the category, both the specifications and the price. 

How do you choose a car rental in Dubai?

The car rental market in Dubai is regulated to ensure the safety and satisfaction of customers. It is recommended to carefully check the rental agreement, understand the insurance coverage and be aware of the traffic laws in Dubai, to ensure a smooth and enjoyable rental experience.

In this regard, the Pugachev luxury car rental company in Dubai can definitely help. With knowledge, proven experience and a rich professional background – this is the address for you. You should contact Pugachev luxury car rental in Dubai right now and find out about the preferred car for your visit to the city of wonders.


Luxury car rental in Dubai

You can choose from a variety of luxury vehicles on our website that will make your experience in Dubai unforgettable from a variety of world-renowned luxury brands. In Dubai you can drive luxury vehicles with peace of mind without worries thanks to our insurance policy. Driving a luxury car is a once in a lifetime experience at very affordable prices compared to the types of luxury cars that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Sports car rental in Dubai

Sports cars This is one of our most recommended vehicle categories that just driving a sports car provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience on the roads of Dubai. Dubai has roads that are suitable for high speed sports driving by law. Driving a sports car is very suitable for people who like adrenaline to enjoy driving on a different level in a luxury sports car.


Rent a sea bike and RZR in Dubai

One of the most fun things you can do in Dubai that you simply have to add to your experience is to rent a jet ski and/or RZR. It adds a very special tone to your experience, whether it’s enjoying the crazy sea of ​​Dubai with breathtaking views on a jet ski or renting a Razor and enjoying it in the spectacular sands of the Dubai desert together with the partners you came to Dubai with.


What is the car parking policy?

In Dubai there are a lot of marked free parking spaces and of course there are also paid parking lots. Of course, you as the car renter are responsible for the whole issue of parking according to the Dubai law and arranging the payment in front of the parking lots or in the parking places you parked. We will give you a full explanation about the parking places in Dubai, payment methods, types of parking lots and more…


Is there a possibility that the car will reach me?

In most cases, you can order the vehicle to the place you request. We provide this service and always try to meet the customer as much as possible and help him to be as comfortable and accessible as possible. Of course we bring you the car, we will also explain to you the instructions for driving and using the car and you can ask all the questions about the car and our car consultant will be happy to help you.


Can someone else drive the car?

Certainly, any person you want in accordance with our policy and additional payment if necessary. We will also register your vehicle for the secondary driver who of course must agree to the regulations and policy in order for the insurance to apply to him as well and everything that comes with it. You will need to bring us all his documents in order to complete the registration of a secondary driver for the car before renting the car.


What is the minimum age I can rent a car in Dubai?

According to the law in Dubai, you can rent and drive a car from the age of 21 or older. Most car companies rent cars to people over the age of 23 or some only rent to people over the age of 25. Each car rental company in Dubai has its own brokerage. It is important to check with the company whether it is possible to rent a car according to your age and driving experience. Of course, each case on its own merits and if you are under the age of 25 send us a message and we will find the right solution for you. 


Is it possible to rent a car in Dubai without a credit card?

In most cases, you can only rent a car with a credit card when taking the car as a deposit. In some cases it will be possible to rent a car with a DEBIT card or payment using digital currencies. If you do not have a validly active credit card, it is important to tell us this before renting the car and we will try to find an alternative solution. In most cases it is not possible to rent a car without a valid credit card as a deposit or payment.


Is it possible to rent a car for a month?

Of course, you can rent a car for almost any period you want. We have excellent solutions for long-term rentals and you can consult us about your rental requirements and the time frame and we will be happy to help you. We have quite a few customers who rent a car for long periods and we know how to find the right solutions for each customer according to the time period he wants to rent and the free budget he has for the rental.


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